How has renewable energy impacted New York?

During the 20th and 21st centuries, renewable energy became an increasingly popular idea. With the state’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transit to green energy in the 21st century, many New Yorkers are interested in how the adoption of renewable energy technologies has affected the state. Well, the impact of renewable energy sources on New York State is enormous. Although the effect of the green energy introduction wasn’t visible in the 20th century, it is impossible not to notice it in the 21st century. Find out more at

Hydropower in New York

At the beginning of the 21st century, renewable energy had a significant impact on the state’s economy. In particular, the clean energy sector contributed a considerable amount to the economy of the state. Such growth was due to the policy aimed to reduce emissions and improve the environment of New York State through renewable energy sources.

By the early 2020s, New York has become one of the leaders in America by a number of renewable energy sources. The majority of renewable energy was generated by hydropower plants, about 70% of the total volume of green electricity production. Thanks to this, New York in the 2020s was considered one of the largest hydroelectric power producers in the country. Specifically, in 2021, the state produced more hydroelectricity than the rest of the states. 

Wind as a renewable energy source in New York

The wind is the second largest source of renewable energy in New York. In the 2020s, wind farms accounted for 3% of New York’s total renewable energy. 

The impact of wind as a renewable power resource in the New York area resulted in greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the state. As more wind power plants were commissioned in the 21st century, they replaced old, polluting ones. Such changes and innovations in the 21st century have helped significantly reduce the state’s carbon footprint and move toward emission reduction goals. 

New York solar energy

Solar energy takes third place among renewable sources in New York. In the 21st century, the state government actively encourages the installation of small solar power plants on rooftops through the implementation of various funding and support programs. In 2021, New York ranked 4th in the US for solar power generation. 

Solar power plants and other renewable energy sources in New York have affected the city’s power system. As new green sources such as solar, wind, and others emerged in the early 21st century, the city’s energy system became more flexible and adaptable. Such changes in the city’s energy system have led to investments in network infrastructure and technologies. In particular, battery banks can smooth out the variability of renewable energy production and ensure a reliable and sustainable power supply. 

Biomass is another equally important source of renewable energy. It takes the smallest percentage among other renewable power sources in New York.

New York State’s gradual transition to renewable energy has affected every area of human life, from energy systems to ecology and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Although some renewable sources were introduced in the last century, it was not until the 21st century that notable progress was achieved in New York. 

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